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Visiting pilots will love to fly in Arizona's superb year-round weather

South Mountain Park in Metro Phoenix, Craters near Flagstaff and Mingus are a few of many drive-up sites in Arizona that invite flights in any wind direction. Simply park your car on top and fly off a hill in any wind direction. FLY HIGH PARAGLIDING organizes trips to Arizona all year around where many flights are possible each day.

Just fly to Sky Harbor (Phoenix's Airport) and we’ll pick you up, set up hotel, transfers and full retrieval. We provide coaching you’ll need to fly safely. Every level is welcome.

All instructions and coaching by comp pilot Advanced Instructor Carlos Madureira 
This is an excellent place to improve your flying skills and learn to fly thermals and ridge soar.

Our Clinics help pilots who have never flown in thermals, and those who want to perfect their technique. Pilots gain a huge amount of insight and knowledge by the end of the clinic allowing them to take their flying to the next level, and start working towards Cross country flying. Here is a list of some of the topics we cover in our clinics.

  • Reading the weather
  • Check lists
  • Flight plan
  • Finding thermals
  • Entering thermals with other pilots
  • Gaggle flying
  • Staying with thermals
  • Staying out of clouds
  • Patience and decision making
  • Getting high and staying high
  •  Radio etiquette and reporting