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Paragliding Testimonials

I am Hallie Smith from Alexandria, Kentucky. I am thirty-one years old and work as a family advocate for a school district. I experienced paragliding for the first time while vacationing in Phoenix in February.

Paragliding was the last thing I thought I’d do while there, but I’m so glad we ran into Carlos! I was only nervous in the very beginning while being strapped into a harness and hearing Carlos say, when I tell you...just run ! It wasn’t what I expected because after only two-step forward we were in the air. It was absolutely amazing. The wind just took us lifting us above my family and some others people who had gathered to watch. It really did feel like flying like a bird, but I felt perfectly safe. We floated in the sky for much longer then I thought we would, and I loved every minute! Carlos said he had caught a good wind cycle, which was wonderful, because we were able to stay up for really long time. The landing was very smooth for me and there was nothing to worry about.

Carlos gave great directions the whole time. All you really had to do is enjoy the ride! I would tell anyone to do this at least once in his or her lives! (My Mom was so intrigued by watching that she went the next day!) I am known as being brave and “adventurous” by the important people in my life! 

- Hallie

Paragliding Testimonials Hallie


Carlos is a very knowledgeable instructor.  Not only is he a patient teacher, he is also very safety conscious.  If the conditions aren't favorable for a safe flight, we reschedule.  I feel confident at the end of my course, that I have the knowledge and skill to fly beginner sites on my own.  I would reccommend his instruction to anyone.

- James Spurgeon

Paragliding Testimonials James

On our 3rd date my boyfriend surprised me with tandem paragliding flight with Carlos. The first flight was amazing! Soared above the desert took my breath away and I just couldn’t get the huge smile of my face! The second flight was great too! But the 3rd flight however was incredible! Carlos and I just flew, floated and soared forever! I love to gotcha thermal and spiral up into the blue sky! I’m hooked! 

Thank you Carlos for the amazing experience. I do recommend for everybody

- Murari

Paragliding Testimonials Murari

Dear Carlos,

Had a great experience with Carlos and Fly High Paragliding School. I would definitely recommend paragliding in general to anyone and Fly High paragliding School is a great choice if you want an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed a tandem flight from South Mountain in Phoenix with Carlos and will do it again! He was very patient and enthusiastic which made the experience even better than I imagined it would be. It was also clear that he is knowledgeable and focused on safety. Thanks for the flight of a lifetime!

- Julie

Paragliding Testimonials Julie

Dear Carlos Madureira, Paragliding off South Mountain: 

A leap of faith to begin 2007! Paragliding is an inexplicable feeling of exhilaration, join, and freedom! And peace.Flying with Carlos was a spiritual experience a “night of passage” for me… Trust and letting go. A peak life experience! Thank you.

Gratefully, Deb

Paragliding Testimonials Deb

Not having run off a hill in 8 months, I was even dreaming of jumping off but...I really felt the need for a refresher course and found Fly High Paragliding and Carlos thru the USHPA(United State Hang Glider and Paragliding Association) site.

After we met, he very carefully explained the trails and terrain, the wind quirks in the canyons and the FAA regs before watching me do a little kiting and helping me launch from the South side of South Mt in Phoenix. We had a great 2 days of flying from both North and South launches. He got a little busy on the third day with 7 tandem flights for a family reunion treat, but still got me in the air and helped improve my launch technique. I was feeling much less creaky and tenuous after his tutelage.

Anyone in the area, locals and visitors, can learn a lot from Mr. Carlos Madureira. BTW he is the site director for South Mountain and has recently completed a re-surfacing of the South launch, expanding the launch run to the South-east and south. Go Fly!

- Mark Brooks

Paragliding Testimonials Mark

Carlos Madureira is one of the best natural teachers I have ever learned from. Carlos shares with students his years of passion for the sport of paragliding and he is one of the most experienced instructors of the sport in the United States. He is an expert in equipment, weather and aerodynamics. Within 3 hours of my first opportunity to meet Carlos, we were tandem paragliding together above South Mountain. Prior to that, I had never paraglide before and Carlos guided me safely through launch, ridge soaring a thermal that took us 600 feet above launch, multiple exciting turns and a gentle landing 1,400 feet below. That first tandem paraglide with Carlos was one of the most exhilarating times I've ever enjoyed.

As I began my studies, Carlos helped me order and begin training on outstanding equipment (and Carlos saved me hundreds of dollars in the process). Despite the fact that Portuguese is his native language, Carlos speaks perfect English. I have never had any trouble understanding the teachings Carlos has shared with me. Carlos has immense patience. Despite times we have trained with too little wind or too much wind, Carlos has always insisted foremost on safety and made the most of our time together. I will forever be grateful for his friendship and for him starting me in the sport on the right foundation. Although I am new to the sport, it seems to me that the paragliding community in Arizona also owes Carlos for his faithful stewardship and generous help to any who ever need it.

Rich Radford -


Paragliding Testimonials Rich


My friend got me the flight as a birthday present and made me very happy.

We both had a very fun time flying with Carlos who is experienced and very professional.

Paragliding is something everyone should try at least once in your life time .

To be suspended in the air and feeling weightless is a unique experience :)

Book your flight today!

Ivana, Chandler, AZ

Paragliding Testimonials Ivana


Thanks for the wonderful natural high! The flight was incredible and even though we didn't wake up the thermal gods it was absolutely great! I'm still thinking about it and can't wait to start on my certification. Anybody who is thinking about paragliding should just go ahead and do it. You won't be disappointed! We could have flown on other days but Carlos won't fly if its unsafe and safety always comes first. I felt completely safe and comfortable. Again I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about it.

Thanks Carlos!


Paragliding Testimonials Tabo

I am a student at Fly High Paragliding and am working towards a P2 certification. The instructor, Carlos, is a serious and safe teacher, but knows how to have fun. And, boy, flying is a blast. It is a great sport and helps keeps me in shape. I recommend it to anybody looking for a fascinating experience. Carlos likes to take his students out of the country to fly, which is very cool. I am looking forward to Brazil next year.

Carlos was born to be an instructor.

Wayne Pudney

Paragliding Testimonials Wayne

Great experiences recommend it to everyone.  Felt completely safe with the instructor Carlos.  Great alternative to taking your date to the boring movies IT PAYS BETTER!  Unforgettable experience for a good price.

Mitch and Sandra

Paragliding Testimonials Wayne
Paragliding Testimonials Wayne