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Mountain Thermal Clinic

Paragliding thermal ClinicSchedule a private mountain thermal clinic to suit your schedule.

The purpose of this clinic is to improve a paraglide pilot's overall knowledge and skill of mountain thermal flying. The one on one approach will help the student get detailed information on local site reading and analysis, micro meteorology, thermal visualization and associated danger are some of the subjects covered in detail

The instructor will observe and critique the student's technique and recommend how to maximize their personal strengths and correct potentially poor habits.

Special attention is devoted to how a pilot can safely prepare and begin flying thermals. Harnesses fitting pilot body posture, understanding glider feedback and methods to increase control sensitivity are discussed as well

A midday tandem flights will give the student some first hand experience with strong conditions and help you understand the progression of those stronger conditions.

These clinics are built around each individual pilot and skill level

DAY CLINIC - Price $175 - This includes: In flight supervision & instruction. Daily sessions of private instruction. 1 Tandem Flight if needed. Truck riders.