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Paragliding Level 3 Certificate (P3)

Paragliding Level 3 Course PictureThe Fly High Paragliding P-3 Training Program is the result of over a decade of paragliding instruction by one of the top pilots in Arizona, advanced Tandem paragliding instructors Carlos Madureira.

This program is designed to help novice pilots to progress through more advanced skills.

This training consists of solo training from South Mountain, Craters, and eventually Mingus our high altitude site. You will develop ridge soaring technique, thermal and cross-country, perfecting top landing skills, and a deeper understanding of what it takes to have success flying in the mountains.

We will also spend time to introducing ridge soaring techniques when the conditions allow for it.

During each flight, your instructor will assist and critique you via radio. During these solo flights you will develop the skills and build self-confidence to fly any P3 site.Fly High Paragliding P3 Course

Your instructor will place temporary limitations on the conditions in which you may fly. You may end up flying tandem with your instructor if the conditions look marginal for where you are on the learning curve.

The general rule is that your high altitude flights will be limited to winds less than 12 miles per hour if smooth, and winds of less than 5 miles if gusty. Gusty conditions are very often unfavorable for flying a paraglider.

Together with your Instructor, your textbook and modern paragliding equipment, you have what we believe to be the finest tools with which to safely learn to paraglide.

Keep in mind that you must supply the remaining ingredient for safe paragliding. This ingredient is your strong commitment to operate within the guidelines established by the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association and your flight instructor. For without this commitment, you will significantly increase the dangers that are inherent in this form of flight.

Price $1200