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The Synergy 3 offers a huge level of comfort and performance in its class. A combination of major flat A/R and compatible projected A/R frames a well-balanced arc to climb easily in thermals and a strong stability whether accelerated or not.

The Synergy 3 make use of the implemented technology in our competition and acro wings where the materials and the projects are exposed to the most complex conditions. Performance and agility for the pilot who looks for long distance flights or 'free-style' flying a DHV-2 glider.

Pilots that usually fly more basic gliders should easily adapt to the 
Synergy 3. They will notice a huge improvement on performance and should initially fly the wing in smooth conditions to get used to the added speed and agility. Intermediate pilots should immediately feel fat ease with the increased performance. More advanced pilots used to flying higher spec. wings will have more safety without feeling any loss of performance.

Synergy 3 was created with the intention to guarantee the pilots' safety with a good performance glider. Such a mixture generated a trustworthy canopy with excellent gliding ratio, aimed at both cross country and intermediate pilots. 

The layout is advanced using the latest design features. Compared to the previous version "Synergy" the construction is more detailed with 58 cells and a longer projected span. These characteristics allow the full use of performance of the whole layout, without compromising the desired level of safety and handling in this project.

More efficient and accurate calculations were done to obtain a cleaner and smoother canopy. The diagonal construction in every cell reduces the quantity of lines, which helps to improve the precision of the whole wing.Synergy 3 was built with materials that allow us to offer a Warranty of 300 hours of flight or 3 years of use, without loosing the original characteristics of the equipment.

  • Riser for big ears
  • Diagonal bands to reduce weight and the number of lines
  • Profile reinforcement in Carbon/Mylar
  • Modern technique applied on cutting
  • Clean layout.

    All materials used were carefully chosen to guarantee a longer durability and a high level of safety. All SOL gliders are made by SOL's own DHV certified factory. 


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