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SOL Slider Air Bag Harness


Harness to pilots who desire a maximum safety whitout giving up the design, with all practical and resources of a complete harness

Removal Airbag Cygnus;
(it can be used with or without the Airbag)
Side protector;
T buckle;
14cm back protector;
Foamy shoulder;
Foot stirrup;
Total back support;
Double spped pulley;
Side pocket;
Bottom reserve container;
Velcro to foot stirrup and speed;
Backpack bag;
Chest/shoulder/side adjustments;
Reserve bridle conection;
Penetration-resistant plate.

Cordura Du Pont®;
Rip Stop nylon fabric;
Australpin pulleys;
Charly-Finsterwalder and ISR buckles;
High Tenacity Poliamyde straps.

M - L - XL




SOL Slider Harness Picture