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  • Highest Performance in the EN B / LTF 1-2 class
  • For pilots who need maximum XC Performance, with EN B safety
  • Dynamic, agile handling

The performance of the Rush 2 is close to the Addict 2 in terms of trim speed, sink rate and glide ratio. It is an XC machine for the adventurous and progressive pilot.

The Rush 2 is Cross Country Performance with safety and stability. It is a high performance EN B / LTF 1-2 with all of the ingredients for long flights; all it needs is a pilot to lead the way.

Designed for long XC flights, the Rush 2 features the same ultra-smooth and easy speed system from the Mantra M2 and Addict 2 delivers easy and light bar pressure allowing you to use it with confidence all day, without tiring or wasting unnecessary energy. The high stability in accelerated flight means that the broad speed range can be used with confidence, for long periods of your flight, in order to maximize distance and efficiency.
The wing likes to bite into thermals and the handling is direct and well coordinated, which makes coring even the tightest or most disorganized lift a pleasure. Feedback is transmitted to the pilot in comfortable amounts, and it is feedback that the pilot can understand and use, not just turbulence or noise.
Advancements in profiling and sail tension have increased both the glide performance and the in-flight comfort of the Rush 2 over the original Rush. Rush pilots will notice a higher trim speed, better glide in accelerated flight, and a mellower feel in active air.

Ozone Rush 2 Wing Colors