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Prymus continues to develop to a new version. Prymus 3 was developed to be used in schools, beginners and regular pilots that like safety.

The aim accomplished is a paraglider that allows the pilot to feel the magic of flying, enjoying the ascendants to be hours in the air, making distance flights and with time to start your 'freestyle' flight.

Another product SOL that incorporates the 16 years experience of our developing team along with the most important competition results and world records gained with our equipment.

A smart choice since the beginning!! Prymus 3 was developed to beginners or occasional pilots who desire to fly with total comfort, safety and precision.

Prymus 3 is also indicated to pilots who want to start in the free style - it accepts most of the maneuvers easily and safely.

It takes off easily; it has an excellent performance, low B-estol velocity, long and progressive commands. Prymus 3 will help the beginner pilot until the first distance flights.

LTF 1 homologation, Prymus 3 is recommended to schools and apprentices.

Prymus 3 is a beautiful elliptical canopy with a lightly positive arrow shape.

Its construction is composed by 39 cells and this guarantee an extra straight side, exactness in the airfoil and a consolidated stability. 

The constant new soft wares improvement, new automatic systems of production and the experience of our team add to each new product changes that allow bring to the market a paraglider that offers more resources to the pilot.

Prymus 3 in construction presents:
a bigger projected Aspect ratio; new profile chosen for maximum stability and a more refined construction for this class.

The materials used were carefully chosen thus guaranteeing a great stability and a high safety level.

All SOL paragliders are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV.

All the desired characteristics for this class are in Prymus 3. Its differential for this class is the exceptional performance and handling that allow the pilot to evolve without the need to change of equipment.

• Easy inflation and takeoff
• Long and tolerant brake length 
• Excellent and precise handling 
• High internal pressure
• Stability even in high speed
• Light reaction during extreme maneuvers
• Good passive safety
• Great behavior in thermals

The Prymus 3 is the result of the excellent union between easy use and safety.