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Unbeatable Confidence and Maximum Performance in the Serial Class.

  • Significant speed and glide improvement over the M2 across the speed range
  • HPP Research Elements: new profile, trailing edge, and line diagram.
  • Trademark Ozone handling: Still the tightest and most stable turn in the LTF 2-3 class.
  • Total comfort in flight: Like its predecessors, the M3 is pure pleasure in all conditions, no stress!
  • Stability at Speed: The M3’s speed system is made to be used, and with confidence.
  • Confidence: Stability at speed and total comfort in active air – push your speed bar to your goal, without stressing about your wing.
  • Designed for true LTF 2-3 safety: This is not a ‘de-tuned’ comp wing.

Total comfort and stability combined with performance is now the legacy of the Mantra Series.
The Mantra M3 has continued this tradition, with massive improvements in speed and glide performance.

The constant research in the Mantra R Open Class Series and the HPP Project have yielded exciting new design elements which have been incorporated into the M3 by the Ozone Test and Design Team. Foremost among these improvements are the new profile, line diagram, and trailing edge design, all of which have significantly improved the efficiency of the wing.

In the Mantra Series, efficiency is the obsession of the test team. Overall efficiency opens the windows of speed and glide, without sacrificing safety and comfort. Instead of focusing on top speed when laying out the design elements, through maximizing efficiency the design team allowed speed and glide to increase as natural side effects of the improved design elements.

Glide and speed test comparisons have shown the Mantra M3 to be at the top of the class in terms of performance. As for handling and comfort, these are the trademarks of all Ozone wings and are crucial elements of the Mantra Series as well – Confidence comes only with comfort, and confidence is the first ingredient in your performance. The comfort and ease of the Mantra M3 will allow you to maximize its potential and yours, in any competition or XC environment.

Handling- just for fun?
Handling is safety, and handling is performance. Maneuverability is key: you need your glider to turn safely, quickly, and without the tendency to spin. An agile glider is not only important for the enjoyment of flight, but for collision avoidance and flying near terrain.

Ozone Mantra M3 Paraglider