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Geo 2 flying high


The Geo II is an entirely new wing, with no residual design features from the original Geo except for the cloth. This new wing is our answer to the pilots who have been asking us for a lightweight LTF 1-2 wing with above average performance!

  • Totally new profile, planform, and performance
  • High performance intermediate lightweight wing
  • Compact size when folded: ideal for travel and hiking
  • Exceptionally easy launch, super fun handling
  • Maximum glide performance: ideal for vol-bivouac adventure
  • Built with Porcher 9017 E68A: the gold standard for durable lightweight material

The Geo II is a totally new glider at the top of the 1-2 class in terms of performance and handling.

What started as a new concept in 2005 with the original Geo, has become a revolution in the sport with an entire class of wings devoted to pilots who want a lightweight glider with no sacrifice in performance, handling, or fun. We feel very strongly that the Geo II will conquer the 1-2 class of lightweight wings, and is the best lightweight wing that we have ever flown.

Created from our extensive experience designing and testing 1-2 wings, the performance of the Geo II is unquestionably exceptional for its class. 36g/m2 Porcher 9017 E68A and unsheathed upper lines have combined to make the Geo II highly agile in the turn and efficient on glide.

Designed with True Performance as its mission statement, the Geo II incorporates the results of real adventure research and the significant profile, planform, and construction developments in our LTF 1-2 program made since the release of the original Geo. With a new advanced profile that is featured in all of the next generation of Ozone wings, the Geo II has the glide performance necessary for serious vol-bivouac flights in mountain terrain or efficient glides in weak flatland conditions. Segmented diagonals are used throughout; these are lighter than standard full diagonals and have allowed for a massive 110m reduction of total line length, which has in turn resulted in less drag and higher performance at no cost of safety.

The Geo II’s new sleek planform has swept tips and a carefully proportioned reduction in cell size at the tip for smooth airflow in this aerodynamically critical area. Efficient wingtips increase both performance and handling.

Porcher Skytex 36g/m2 has a well proven record of durability, and is the same cloth used on the original Geo. Lines are a combination of sheathed Aramid (lowers), UV treated unsheathed Aramid (mids) and unsheathed Dyneema (uppers). The Geo II is available in two riser options: standard risers, and light weight Dyneema for pilots who are most concerned with weight.

Ozone wings are adventure-proven more than any other, and the Geo II is our ultimate adventure wing for intermediate pilots. This is your tool to make it real… Designed for adventure, tested for performance in extreme environments and trimmed for safety, the Geo II has been a pleasure for us to develop. But this wing’s journey is by no means finished; in fact for you it has just begun. Enjoy your Adventure.

Ozone Geo II Paraglider