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Designed by Dav Dagault with Felix Rodriguez and the Ozone Test Team, the FLX.2 is the second generation of our ultimate competition acro wing.
There was only one mission statement for this glider: ‘Make Felix Happy’.

The FLX.2 is the result of a seemingly never-ending series of prototypes that have been tested over a period of more than two years. Felix has spent literally thousands of hours hammering this wing in every manoeuvre possible, from the skies over Organya Spain to the Chamonix Valley and at every stop of the Acro World Cup; and finally, the FLX.2 is ready.

Infinite Tumbles? Get yourself over the middle, and as Felix says, you won’t have to touch it – the wing just goes. Helicopters? Fast and stable, the FLX.2 is as smooth as can be.

Each element of the design is to fulfill the requirements for an acro manoeuvre. Perfect helicopters, rhythmic SAT to Infinite Tumble, and effortless spin-tricks are all possible with the FLX.2.

This wing is designed for experienced and competition acro pilots who know what they need, and want to fly like Felix Rodriguez.

Ozone FLX 2 Paraglider Colors