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  • New profile for ultra high pitch stability and enhanced glide performance.
  • New triangle cell openings at leading edge and mini ribs at trailing edge
  • Advanced profiling for efficient glide performance in active air
  • Light and clean sail design for easy launching and in-flight agility
  • Balanced sail tension for stability in active air and moderated glider feedback
  • 6 sizes enable you to choose the section of the weight range you want to fly in, and ensures you have a wing that is tailored to your size!
  • LTF 1-2 / EN B* Certification

The Buzz Series has set a new standard for versatility in the 1-2 / B class of wings.With passive safety and comfort suitable for newer pilots, and handling and glide performance for long XC flights, the new Z3 is a highly capable tool in the hands of a Beginner-Intermediate pilot.


Finding the ideal balance between sail weight, aspect ratio, and profile is the crucial quest for any wing, but in the 1-2 / B category the result must come together with all of the factors aligned equally, and with no sacrifice. The Z3 is the perfect balance between safety and performance for many pilots. Talented beginners will find a wing with which they can progress for several years, and higher airtime pilots will experience the full usability of the Z3 in active air and real XC conditions.


Flying the Buzz Z3, comfort is the first word that comes to mind. The compact, pitch stable feel is ‘natural’ and relaxing. Feedback to the pilot is perfectly moderated through progressive brake pressure, providing information that you will use to climb easily in thermals. The pitch stability of the Z3 means that it carves gently into the core of the thermal, without sliding out or resisting the perfect roll angle, which is all too common in other 1-2 / B wings with less handling. The Buzz Z3 has a highly compact and coordinated feel which pilots of all abilities will appreciate.


Extremely solid in active air, you will instantly appreciate the Z3’s stability in turbulence and in accelerated flight. A carefully refined profile and perfectly balanced sail tension are its key ingredients for performance in active air. New mini-ribs make the trailing edge smooth and free of unnecessary parasitic drag, and a new line plan has reduced the overall line drag by 12% over its predecessor.

The Buzz Z3 is an ideal choice for pilots who fly approximately 30-50 hours per year, or for more experienced pilots who are searching for a wing with passive safety and comfort in the middle of the 1-2 / B class.

We have poured a great deal of time and energy into the design and testing of this wing, as with all of our wings, with the knowledge that the Buzz series has become the best-selling choice for thousands of leisure pilots around the world.

Buzz Z3 Paraglider Colors