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Up Ascent 2 Paraglider

Just a better wing...

The new Ascent 2 is our response to the feedback we have been getting regarding LTF 1 wings in general. The result is a wing that caters to the most discerning users in the skies.

Some highlights:

  • Simply perfect launching characteristics - comes up practically on its own, and does not overshoot
  • Hybrid Synergy Airfoil - the same airfoil used in the Summit XC and the Kantega XC ensures highest performance with maximum ease
  • No Leading Edge Mylar - ASS for perfect LE definition, long life and easy packing
  • Perfect trailing edge tension through BTS - same brakeline attachment system as the high-performance UP wings
  • Refined load management from lines to canopy through LMS
  • High trim- and top speed - 38/51km/h
  • Absolute top climbing ability - it has never been easier to sit on top of the stack!
  • Harmonious planform and curvature - looks great!
  • Precise yet forgiving handling

UP Ascent 2 – just better

A UP LFT 1 wing must satisfy a wide range of criteria in order to be approved, both by ourselves and by the certifying bodies. On one hand it should be perfectly suited for learning on, and for progressing on, but on the other hand is must be both fun to fly and have the performance it takes for more advanced users to be happy with it. The handling must thus be extremely forgiving of even larger pilot errors yet it needs to be agile and inspiring all the same.

With the Ascent 2 we feel we have struck the right balance in all these matters; a wing that will NEVER bite you, but rather inspire you to excel!

Ascent 2 by UP Paragliders

The Ascent 2 is available in sizes XS, S, M and L, covering a takeoff weight range from 60 to 125kgs.