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The Addict 2 is the most cutting edge XC/Sport wing we have designed. This latest creation from David Dagault is a result of more than a year of development and testing, and is designed for the experienced, discerning XC pilot. Research and technology from our competition wings has combined True High Performance with the famous agility and LTF 2 safety of the original Addict.

The original Addict was proven to be a leader in the LTF 2 category in terms of performance, with independent reviews measuring its glide and speed at the very top of the class. The Addict 2 was designed for exactly the same results, with higher performance gained from two more years of R&D.

The design aims of the Addict 2 were to improve on the performance and comfort of the original Addict without compromising the handling, fun or safety. After more than a year of prototypes, testing and comparisons we are happy to say that we have reached our initial goals.

The profile of the Mantra M2, our top 2-3 class wing, is extremely efficient and pitch stable, and has been incorporated in the Addict 2 to improve LD figures and pitch stability. The result of this is a sensation of constant penetration, with the wing leading ahead in turbulent conditions and performing extraordinarily well in upwind glides.

A new line layout has reduced the total line length by 30m with the removal of the main D lines. The Addict 2 line set is made from highly durable sheathed Aramid lowers and UV treated unsheathed mids and uppers.

True performance is not just about figures. Comfort and usability are just as, if not more, important. We have not pushed the AR too high for this type of wing because our philosophy was to create a usable XC machine that can be flown at 100% in all conditions throughout the speed range. The sail tension is based on the development of the Mantra M2 and Mantra R07, and is a very important characteristic of the design as it directly affects the performance of the wing and the way information is transmitted to the pilot. The Addict 2 is a comfortable platform to explore the sky with, giving very smooth and understandable feedback through the brakes and risers.

The handling has been further refined by reducing the amount of roll in straight line flight and in the turn. This makes for a more efficient glide with fewer parasitic movements and a flatter turn which improves thermalling performance without compromising handling. Coupled with a direct, intuitive feel through the brakes the Addict 2 offers you the ability to core like never before.

The speed system is simple and easy to use. Ball bearing pulleys deliver smooth and light bar pressure allowing you to use it with confidence all day, without fatigue or unnecessary effort.

Ozone Addict 2 Paraglider