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ChairBag Harness/Backpack (convertible)

The ChairBag is a new convertible harness/backpack by APCO.  Sophisticated, super-light dual-purpose harness - a harness when flying and a backpack when traveling, all under 2.5kg. Designed for pilots on the go who want the comfort and safety of a full feature harness for half the weight. Just flip the harness inside out, throw in your glider and you are ready to go. Professional carrying system with gel padded shoulder straps and waist belt insure comfortable, effortless hikes to take-off.

APCO Chairbag

Unlike other convertible harnesses on the market, the ChairBag comes with a full-size seat plate for maximum comfort and weight shift control.  Maximum pilot protection insured byintegrated Cygnus air bag system with specially designed one-way air valve.

Fitted with quick lock buckles throughout and Aluminum loop-and-slide adjusters for easy in-flight use, the ChairBag provides lavish comfort where you least expect it.

The ChairBag is available in THREE MODELS:

ChairBag CLASSIC 2.5Kg – Harness webbing system incorporating 4 quick lock buckles - 2 for legs, 2 separate for T-lock on chest (Similar to Edge)

ChairBag INTEGRAL 2.9Kg – Harness with built in under the seat emergency parachute container and webbing system incorporating 4 light quick lock buckles - 2 for legs, 2 separate for T-lock on chest. (Similar to Edge)

ChairBag PLUS 2.5Kg – Harness webbing with “get-up” system, incorporating 2 quick lock buckles (Similar to Finesse)

Sizing - one size fits most. (160-185cm.)

APCO Integral

APCO Chairbag Models


  • No need to carry a separate backpack (sac)
  • Ergonomic backpack design with gel-padded shoulder straps
  • Reflective strip for better visibility at night
  • Perfect choice for flying holidays, hiking or vol-bivouac flying
  • Three models AND two colors to choose from
  • Among the lightest full-feature convertible harness on the market
  • ChairBag Plus and Classic 2.5 Kg (seat plate incl.)
  • ChairBag Integral 2.9 Kg (seat plate incl.)
  • The ChairBag is Speedbar-ready
  • For ease of use and weight saving, use APCO’s Wonder Bar
  • Double air chamber system for controlled air release on impact
  • Two vents for better seal on impact
  • Airbag protection for neck area too
  • Lightweight “X” frame for stable inflation with replaceable battens
  • Integrated bridle for emergency parachute connection on Chairbag Plus
  • Built in Velcro bridle guides
  • Reinforced fool-proof reserve hook up points
  • Plus and Classic Fit most external reserves on the market
  • Suitable for front and side-mounted reserve containers
  • All buckles are lightweight quick-lock type for ease of use
  • Buckles functional with winter gloves on
  • Loop and slide adjusters for one-handed in-flight adjustment
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum – Aviation grade hardware
  • Additional removable sac in back pocket for storage
  • Two side pockets for easy in-flight access on Plus and Classic( One side pocket on Integral)