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We are proud to offer a complete range of flight training from
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Paragliding is the newest and easiest way to enjoy the freedom of flight.

You can experience this exhilarating form of aviation
either as a Tandem Paragliding experience (we fly you)
or as a Solo Paragliding experience (you fly).

Carlos Madureira
Carlos Madureira Paragliding Instructor Ryan's ProfileRyan started paragliding in 1993, by 1996 he was flying competitions as a professionally sponsored competition pilot, and followed the competition circuit all over the world. Winning and placing in multiple competitions worldwide has given Ryan extensive experience with advanced maneuvers in all weather conditions.

Ryan has flown sites all over Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States and Canada! He has over 8000 hours of free flying logged time. Ryan started PPG para motoring in 1996. In August 2009 Ryan joined Benjamin Jordan in Canada where he was doing a WORLD RECORD PPG flight of 6,000 miles across Canada! Sponsored by Nirvana and flying the Instinct & Rodeo which were awesome! And never once had to worry about engine problems!

A USHGA certified Tandem Instructor and USHPA certified Instructor, Ryan is also a commercial airplane pilot and flies sailplanes and BASE jumps for fun. Ryan is our primary instructor.

Ryan is also available for hourly instruction to refine and develop additional skills for PPG or PG pilots who have completed a beginner training course.

Fly High Paragliding School is owned and operated by, Brazilian born, Carlos Madureira.  He has now resided in the USA for 9 years. He has instructed and flown throughout many parts of the world. 

Currently, Carlos has over 18 years of experience with teaching people how to paraglide and over 60% of his 8500 flights have been instructional tandem flights. Within the last 7 years over 700 people have learned and shared Tandem Flight under Carlos’ instruction. Now there is a premiere and the only FULL TIME paragliding school in Phoenix, AZ with an experienced instructor, new and used quality equipment sales and tandem services.

Fly High Paragliding School provides the most qualified instruction and tandem paragliding services available. The UNITED STATES HANG GLIDING PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION certifies Fly High Paragliding School. Our school uses only the most advanced technical equipment for tandem flights and instruction.