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*New for 2009

  • Ideal for new pilots and anyone seeking EN A/B safety.
  • Totally new design for 2009, with massive performance improvements.
  • Total passive safety with top level performance in the category for XC flying.

The Mojo is back, and better than ever. The Mojo 3’s central purpose is to provide the passive safety that pilots may rely on for their first stages of cross country flying, but the most significant improvement for this generation is in speed and glide performance.The Mojo 3 is balanced and safe enough for a student’s first days on the hill, but has the agility and performance needed for 100km and longer XC flights.

With similar flight characteristics to its predecessors, the Mojo 3 has massive brake travel and a very comfortable feel. The wing inflates easily in no-wind conditions and has zero tendencies to overshoot in higher winds. Though precise, the brake travel is forgiving enough for a beginner to set up the slightly tighter landing patterns that XC flying introduces.

Major performance gains have been made through drag reduction and a more efficient trailing edge, due to a 10% reduction in total line length and more advanced internal construction at the trailing edge. These improvements have now put the Mojo 3 at the top of its category not only in terms of safety and handling, but in glide and speed performance as well.

The new Mojo 3 is constructed from 45gm2 Porcher Sport Skytex cloth, which has proven to be a durable and reliable material with unparalleled longevity.

The overall passive safety of the Mojo Series has remained uncompromised, even with the current performance gains of the Mojo3. It is solid and forgiving enough for any new pilot or for pilots for whom passive safety is paramount… Whichever type of pilot you are, we are confident that the Mojo3 will take you wherever you want to go, and further. Enjoy your time at cloudbase.